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MiFi.NET is an interface to the web services exposed through the Novatel Wireless MiFi mobile hotspot. With it, your .NET applications can retrieve the device's status and GPS location.

IMPORTANT: This project is in its infancy and should not be used for mission-critical production applications. It is not affiliated with Novatel Wireless or its partners.


Status Information

MiFiDevice device = new MiFiDevice(IPAddress.Parse(""));
MiFiStatus status = device.GetStatus();
Console.WriteLine("Signal Strength: " + status.SignalStrength);

GPS Data

MiFiDevice device = new MiFiDevice(IPAddress.Parse(""));
MiFiLocation location = device.GetLocation();
Console.WriteLine("Latitude: " + location.Latitude);
Console.WriteLine("Longitude: " + location.Longitude);

Sample Application


NOTE: The GPS data is missing in this shot because my device isn't in a good position to get a GPS signal. The functionality is available in the library, however. In addition, GPS data is currently only available on devices connected to the Sprint network.


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